Adult mosquitoes, abundant larvae in the environment


Rawalpindi: Up to 65 people belonging to Islamabad Capital Territory and Rawalpindi District have been confirmed positive for dengue in the past 24 hours, bringing the total number of patients registered so far in the twin cities to 9,108 this year, of which 12 patients have lost their lives due to the infection.

Data collected by ‘The News’ on Tuesday reveals that the number of patients testing positive for dengue fever in this region of the country has started to drop at least since about the last week, however, the incidence of the infection is still significant. health experts believe that individuals must seriously follow preventive measures to avoid dengue fever.

Experts say that adult mosquitoes, including the dengue fever vector “aedes aegypti”, are still present in the environment and the temperature is still favorable for them to bite and feed on humans. It is important that so far the temperature has not dropped to the point where growth and reproduction of the dengue vector is not possible.

According to the Rawalpindi district health department, the ‘aedes aegypti’ mosquito larvae have been found in no less than 233 indoor spaces and 38 outdoor locations in the past 24 hours, making the situation alarming. In addition, more than three dengue fever cases have been reported from as many as 42 union councils in the district in the past seven days, while the number of CUs with more than five cases is 20 and it shows that the outbreak of dengue fever is always intense.

The number of confirmed dengue fever patients reported in the last 24 hours in Rawalpindi district is 33, bringing the total to 4,318, of which three patients have already died from the infection. As of Tuesday, as many as 135 patients were undergoing treatment at the three allied hospitals in Rawalpindi district including Benazir Bhutto Hospital, Holy Family Hospital and District Headquarters Hospital, 96 of whom had tested positive for HIV. infection until Tuesday morning.

Meanwhile, another 32 people have tested positive for dengue in the past 24 hours in the federal capital, bringing the ICT tally to 4,790, of which nine patients had already died from the infection.


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