Environmentally focused landscaping extends to The Pitch


AUSTIN (KXAN) — One of the new entertainment spaces, The Pitch in North Austin, is tapping into the city’s new claim as a “soccer city,” but it turns out they’re green for more a title.

Aiming to capitalize on the success of Austin FC, the dining and entertainment space hopes to be a destination for football fans.

“We definitely see it with the business and with the number of people showing up for home games and away games,” said Christopher Cuellar, assistant general manager of The Pitch.

The Pitch isn’t just a football-inspired outdoor food court, there’s also football played there. At Parmer Field, which is right next to the dining establishments, the Austin FC academy team plays and the field also hosts a number of football tournaments.

The Land and its surroundings have been designed with respect for the environment.

In fact, many buildings are constructed with recycled shipping containers, while landscape architects have tried to focus on water conservation.

“The goal is always to capture as much water as possible at the project site itself. Gone are the days when we would transport water through spaces to a different destination,” said Nicole Warns, design director for TBG Partners.

80-90% of the plants on the property are drought and heat tolerant and native to central Texas…thus minimizing the need for irrigation.

Mature trees have been planted to reduce heat island impacts and the use of impervious surfaces has been intentionally reduced.

“So try to keep walkable spaces as minimal as possible, then intersperse planting beds throughout to allow for plenty of water uptake,” Warns said.

Anything that isn’t absorbed ends up in a huge retention pond that’s been designed to look less designed…

Warns added that “the whole system works first like a sponge, then like a filter…the water falls, moves, becomes clean, sometimes stored and reused according to the project, before going to the underground waters”.

Beautify the scenery, while guests enjoy the beautiful game.


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