With “Dea Cura”, Woolrich takes care of the environment


The Woolrich Outdoor Foundationwhich works to protect and safeguard the outdoor spaces of communities around the world, recently announced a partnership involving the Worldrise Onlus and fantastudioresulting in “Dea Cura”a project which aims to protect the environment and the seas and which has as its centerpiece the popular district of “Stadera”, in Milan.

Woolrich and Fantastudio – a creative hub where the feminine universe and creativity come together to give birth to new and interesting projects – had already had the opportunity to collaborate on the occasion of International Women’s Day, hence the desire and the desire to involve the American Brand Foundation for a new challenge. under the green banner.

“Dea Cura” indeed aims to engage and stimulate the inhabitants of the Stadera district to practice virtuous behavior on a daily basis, and above all to raise awareness in the community of the value that each small gesture has: waste thrown on the ground has a negative impact not only on our neighborhood and our city but also on the seas and oceans, the real lungs of the planet.

The collective of artists A m’l rhum da moihas been working since October 3 on the creation of a mural of more than 100 square meters in the Stadera district, Via G. Savoia 2, whose theme will be the imaginary representation of the “Dea Cura”, a generous Mother Earth where water will embody the primordial element from which everything is born and will remind her children to take care of it. The work will also be carried out with natural photocatalytic smog-absorbing paint, Airlite.

The creative workshop will follow “Draw your world” entirely dedicated to the children of the neighborhood who, through the production of drawings, will clarify the key values ​​of the project, all thanks to the support of the artists and the marine biologist of Worldrise Onlus. The workshop will take place in the premises of the Milan Women’s Center association, Via G. Savoia 1.

At the end of the works, on October 15, the inhabitants of the neighborhood and all the communities involved will participate in a cleaning and waste sorting activity, starting from the mural in Via G. Savoia and ending in the Naviglio Pavese, to once again draw attention to the waste that inevitably ends up in our seas from the cities.

The Woolrich Outdoor Foundation, through its partnership with Worldrise Onlus and Fantastudio, helps spread messages of solidarity and respect for the place where we live, because “Aver cura” because the environment does not only mean caring about it, but requires the participation and active role of the communities.


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